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  • Feasibility of GNSS-R ice sheet altimetry in Greenland using TDS-1 

    Rius, Antonio; Cardellach, Estel; Fabra, Fran; Li, Weiqiang; Ribó Vedrilla, Serni; Hernández Pajares, Manuel (2017-07-19)
    Open Access
    Radar altimetry provides valuable measurements to characterize the state and the evolution of the ice sheet cover of Antartica and Greenland. Global Navigation Satellite System Reflectometry (GNSS-R) has the potential to ...
  • Sea-Ice remote sensing with GNSS reflections 

    Cardellach, Estel; Belmonte Rivas, María; Fabra, Fran; Nogués Correig, Oleguer; Oliveras, Santiago; Ribó i Vedrilla, Serni (SARTI (Technological Development Centre of Remote Acquisition and Data processing Systems), 2010-03-10)
    Open Access
  • Significant wave height retrieval based on the effective number of incoherent averages 

    Martín Alemany, Francisco; Camps Carmona, Adriano José; Martín-Neira, Manuel; d'Addio, Salvatore; Fabra, Fran; Rius Jordán, Antonio; Hyuk, Park (2015)
    Conference lecture
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    The effectiveness of incoherent averaging depends on the level of correlation between consecutive waveforms, which can vary with the geometry and with the sea state conditions. In addition it is also dependent on the ...