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  • BioMaS: a modular pipeline for Bioinformatic analysis of Metagenomic AmpliconS 

    Fosso, Bruno; Santamaria, Monica; Marzano, Marinella; Alonso-Alemany, Daniel; Valiente Feruglio, Gabriel Alejandro; Donvito, Giacinto; Monaco, Alfonso; Notarangelo, Pasquale; Pesole, Graziano (2015-07-01)
    Open Access
    Background: Substantial advances in microbiology, molecular evolution and biodiversity have been carried out in recent years thanks to Metagenomics, which allows to unveil the composition and functions of mixed microbial ...
  • Reference databases for taxonomic assignment in metagenomics 

    Santamaria, Monica; Fosso, Bruno; Consiglio, Arianna; De Caro, Giorigio; Grillo, Giorgio; Licciulli, Flavio; Liuni, Sabino; Marzano, Marinella; Alonso-Alemany, Daniel; Valiente Feruglio, Gabriel Alejandro; Pesole, Graziano (2012-11)
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    Metagenomics is providing an unprecedented access to the environmental microbial diversity. The amplicon-based metagenomics approach involves the PCR-targeted sequencing of a genetic locus fitting different features. Namely, ...
  • Study of modularity in images 

    Alonso-Alemany, Daniel (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2010-09)
    Master thesis
    Open Access
    Modularity is an important concept in Biology, among other areas. In script complexity, there are some theories stating that the symbols of a writing system are built from smaller, common components, that could be thought ...
  • Taxonomic assignment in metagenomics with TANGO 

    Alonso-Alemany, Daniel; Clemente, José C.; Jansson, Jesper; Valiente Feruglio, Gabriel Alejandro (2011-12-01)
    Open Access
    One of the main computational challenges facing metagenomic analysis is the taxonomic identification of short DNA fragments. The combination of sequence alignment methods with taxonomic assignment based on consensus can ...