• A new optimal electricity market bid model solved through perspective cuts 

    Corchero García, Cristina; Mijangos Fernández, Eugenio; Heredia, F.-Javier (Francisco Javier) (Springer, 2011-11)
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    On current electricity markets the electrical utilities are faced with very sophisticated decision making problems under uncertainty. Moreover, when focusing in the short-term management, generation companies must include ...
  • Efficient solution of optimal multimarket electricity bid models 

    Corchero García, Cristina; Heredia, F.-Javier (Francisco Javier); Mijangos Fernández, Eugenio (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2011)
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    Short-term electricity market is made up of a sequence of markets, that is, it is a multimarket enviroment. In the case of the Iberian Energy Market the sequence of major short-term electricity markets are the day-ahead ...
  • Solving electric market quadratic problems by branch and fix coordination methods 

    Heredia, F.-Javier (Francisco Javier); Corchero García, Cristina; Mijangos Fernández, Eugenio (Springer, 2013)
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    The electric market regulation in Spain (MIBEL) establishes the rules for bilateral and futures contracts in the day-ahead optimal bid problem. Our model allows a price-taker generation company to decide the unit commitment ...