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  • Realistic environment for VANET simulations to detect the presence of obstacles in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks 

    Mezher, Ahmad Mohamad; Jurado Oltra, Juan; Urquiza Aguiar, Luis; Iza Paredes, Cristhian; Tripp Barba, Carolina; Aguilar Igartua, Mónica (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2014)
    Conference lecture
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    Obstacles in Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) in urban scenarios are an important issue. Normally, in traffic simulators vehicles can send/receive packets between each other if they are in the same transmission range no ...
  • Self-configured multipath routing using path lifetime for video-streaming services over Ad Hoc networks 

    Aguilar Igartua, Mónica; Carrascal Frías, Víctor (2010-06)
    Open Access
    The increasing spread of mobile nodes along with the technical advances in multi-hop MANETs (Mobile Ad hoc NETworks) make this kind of networks an important type of access network of next generation. The demand of ...
  • Smart city for VANETs using warning messages, traffic statistics and intelligent traffic lights 

    Tripp Barba, Carolina; Mateos, Miguel Ángel; Regañas Soto, Pablo; Mezher, Ahmad Mohamad; Aguilar Igartua, Mónica (IEEE, 2012)
    Conference report
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    Road safety has become a main issue for governments and car manufacturers in the last twenty years. The development of new vehicular technologies has favoured companies, researchers and institutions to focus their efforts ...
  • Special issue on “Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks” 

    Aguilar Igartua, Mónica; Cuomo, Francesca; Guérin-Lassous, Isabelle (Elsevier, 2015-01)
    Open Access
    A primary aim of wireless ad-hoc networks is to deliver data in areas where there is no pre-defined infrastructure. In these networks, the users, but also the network entities can be potentially mobile. Wireless ad-hoc ...
  • Transient analysis of idle time in VANETs using Markov-reward models 

    Martín Faus, Isabel Victoria; Urquiza Aguiar, Luis; Aguilar Igartua, Mónica; Guérin-Lassous, Isabelle (2018-02-10)
    Open Access
    The development of analytical models to analyze the behavior of vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) is a challenging aim. Adaptive methods are suitable for many algorithms (e.g., choice of forwarding paths, dynamic resource ...
  • Transmisión de datos : problemas resueltos 

    Aguilar Igartua, Mónica (Iniciativa Digital Politècnica, 2010)
    Open Access
    Los profesores de la asignatura Transmisión de Datos, impartida en la UPC, hemos elaborado este libro de problemas resueltos representativos de la misma. El libro se estructura en tres temas: codificación de fuente, ...