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  • Study of the background in the measuring station at the n_TOF facility at CERN: sources and solutions 

    Abbondanno, U.; Aerts, G.; Andriamonje, S.; Calviño Tavares, Francisco; Cortés Rossell, Guillem Pere; Poch Parés, Agustí; Pretel Sánchez, Carme (2001-12-10)
    External research report
    Open Access
    A background roughly two orders of magnitude higher than tolerable was found in the n_TOF facility at CERN during the first measurements. This note describes a series of additional measurements performed in the n_TOF ...
  • The La-139(n,gamma) cross section: key for the onset of the s-process 

    Rubbia, C.; Rudolf, G.; Karamanis, D.; Rullhusen, P.; Salgado, J.; Kerveno, M.; Quesada, J.; Karadimos, D.; Rauscher, T.; Koehler, P.; Reifarth, R.; Embid-Segura, M.; Domingo-Pardo, C.; Dolfini, R.; Dillmann, I.; Dahlfors, M.; David, S.; Couture, A.; Pavlopoulos, P.; Cox, J.; Colonna, N.; Neves, F.; Cortés Rossell, Guillem Pere; Chepel, V.; Chiaveri, E.; Pretel Sánchez, Carme; Perrot, L.; Patronis, N.; Pavlik, A.; Plompen, A.; Poch Parés, Agustí; Pignatari, M.; Walter, S.; Plag, R.; Paradela, C.; Mengoni, A.; Papadopoulos, C.; Papachristodoulou, C.; Oberhummer, H.; Voss, F.; O'Brien, S.; Wiescher, M.; Pancin, J.; Wendler, H.; Vlachoudis, V.; Milazzo, P.M.; Calviani, M.; Wisshak, K.; Moreau, C.; Mosconi, M.; Massimi, C.; Marrone, S.; Mastinu, P.; Vlastou, R.; de Albornoz, A.C.; Capote, R.; Marganiec, J.; Lukic, S.; Cano-Ott, D.; Marques, L.; Calviño Tavares, Francisco; Ketlerov, V.; García Lozano, Mario; Berthoumieux, E.; Lindote, A.; Becvar, F.; Lopes, I.; Baumann, P.; Badurek, G.; Audouin, L.; Rosetti, M.; Jericha, E.; Cennini, P.; Leeb, H.; Lamboudis, C.; Krticka, M.; Kossionides, E.; Konovalov, V.; Sarchiapone, L.; Savvidis, I.; Assimakopoulos, P.; Herrera-Martinez, A.; Kadi, Y.; Terlizzi, R.; Igashira, M.; Abbondanno, U.; Isaev, S.; Aerts, G.; Álvarez-Velarde, F.; Kappeler, F.; Álvarez-Velarde, H.; Andriamonje, S.; Andrzejewski, J.; Ventura, A.; Villamarin, D.; Guerrero, C.; Vannini, G.; Vaz, P.; Heil, M.; Tassan-Got, L.; Haight, R.; Tavora, L.; Haas, B.; Tagliente, G.; Gunsing, F.; Tain, J.L.; Gramegna, F.; Vincente, M.C.; Gonzalez-Romero, E.; Stephan, C.; Goverdovski, A.; Gallino, R.; Goncalves, I.; Griesmaye, E.; Frais-Koelbl, H.; Furman, W.; Fujii, K; Ferrant, L.; Ferrari, A.; Ferreira-Marques, R.; Fitzpatrick, L.; Plukis, A.; Dridi, W.; Duran, I.; Eleftheriadis, C. (2007-03)
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    The nuclear resonance parameters and the capture cross section of the neutron magic isotope 139La have been measured relative to 197Au in the energy range of 0.6 eV to 9 keV at the neutron time-of-flight (n TOF) facility ...
  • The measurement of the Pb-206(n,gamma) cross section and stellar implications 

    Vaz, P.; Ventura, A.; Lozano, M.; Villamarin, D.; Vincente, M.C.; Marganiec, J.; Tassan-Got, L.; Lukic, S.; Tavora, L.; Massimi, C.; Terlizzi, R.; Pavlik, A.; Patronis, N.; Perrot, L.; Pavlopoulos, P.; Cennini, P.; Carrapico, C.; Papadopoulos, C.; Capote, R.; Paradela, C.; Cano-Ott, Daniel; Calviño Tavares, Francisco; Pancin, J.; Calviani, M.; Papachristodoulou, C.; Oberhummer, H.; Bisterzo, S.; O'Brien, S.; Berthoumieux, E.; Becvar, F.; Baumann, P.; Chepel, V.; Neves, F.; Mosconi, M.; Marrone, S.; Milazzo, P.M.; Mengoni, A.; Mastinu, P.; Vannini, G.; Vlachoudis, V.; Vlastou, R.; Badurek, G.; Kossionides, E.; Domingo-Pardo, C.; Krticka, M.; Abbondanno, U.; Lamboudis, C.; Aerts, G.; Leeb, H.; Álvarez-Velarde, F.; Lindote, A.; Andriamonje, S.; Lopes, I.; Andrzejewski, J.; Assimakopoulos, P.; Audouin, L.; Koehler, P.; Wisshak, K.; Kerveno, M.; Karamanis, D.; Walter, S.; Karadimos, D.; Wiescher, M.; Herrera-Martinez, A.; Voss, F.; Igashira, M.; Haight, R.; Heil, M.; Kaeppeler, F.; Jericha, E.; Kadi, Y.; Guerrero, C.; Haas, B.; Gunsing, F.; Gallino, R.; Goncalves, I.; Gonzalez-Romero, E.; Gramegna, F.; Ferrari, A.; Ferreira-Marques, R.; Fujii, K; Furman, W.; Ferrant, L.; Embid-Segura, M.; Eleftheriadis, C.; Dridi, W.; Duran, I.; David, S.; Dillmann, I.; Couture, A.; Cox, J.; Colonna, N.; Cortés Rossell, Guillem Pere; Tain, J.L.; Tagliente, G.; Rullhusen, P.; Salgado, J.; Rubbia, C.; Rudolf, G.; Savvidis, I.; Stephan, C.; Santos, C.; Sarchiapone, L.; Reifarth, R.; Rauscher, T.; Quesada, J.; Pretel Sánchez, Carme; Plompen, A.; Alvarez, A.; Plukis, A.; Pigni, M.T.; Plag, R.; Poch Parés, Agustí (2008-01)
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    The neutron capture cross section of 206Pb has been measured at the CERN n TOF spectrometer using a setup of two C6D6 detectors. In the energy interval from 1 eV to 600 keV the cross section is dominated by resonances, ...
  • The neutron time-of-flight facility n_TOF at CERN: Phase II 

    Gunsing, Frank; Andriamonje, S.; Andrzejewski, Józef; Calviño Tavares, Francisco; Cortés Rossell, Guillem Pere (American Institute of Physics (AIP), 2011)
    Conference report
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    Neutron-induced reactions are studied at the neutron time-of-flight facility n_TOF at CERN. The facility uses 6~ns wide pulses of 20 GeV/c protons impinging on a lead spallation target. The large neutron energy range and ...
  • The role of Fe and Ni for S-process nucleosynthesis and innovative nuclear technologies 

    Taín, J.L.; Lederer, Claudia; Brugger, Matthias; Calviani, Marco; Andriamonje, S.; Ferrari, Alessio; Calviño Tavares, Francisco; Gómez Hornillos, María Belén; Cortés Rossell, Guillem Pere (2011-08-12)
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    The accurate measurement of neutron capture cross sections of all Fe and Ni isotopes is important for disentangling the contribution of the s-process and the r-process to the stellar nucleosynthesis of elements in the mass ...