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    • Importance of the roughness and residual stresses of dental implants on fatigue and osseointegration behavior. In vivo study in rabbits 

      Velasco Ortega, E; Monsalve Guil, L; Jimenez Guerra, A; Ortiz Garcia, Ivan; Moreno Muñoz, Jesus; Nuñez Marquez, Enrique; Pegueroles Neyra, Marta; Pérez Antoñanzas, Román; Gil Mur, Francisco Javier (2016-12-01)
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      Realitzat a/amb:   Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. Facultat d'Odontologia
      This study focuses on the fatigue behavior and bone-implant attachment for the more usual surfaces of the different CP-titanium dental implants. The implants studied were: as-received (CTR), acid etching (AE), spark-anodization ...
    • Influence of ECAP process on mechanical, corrosion and bacterial properties of Zn-2Ag alloy for wound closure devices 

      García Mintegui, Claudia; Goncharov, Ivan; Ortiz Membrado, Laia; Jiménez Piqué, Emilio; Ginebra Molins, Maria Pau; Vedani, Maurizio; Cortina Pallás, José Luís; Pegueroles Neyra, Marta (Elsevier, 2023-04-01)
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      Realitzat a/amb:   Politecnico di Milano / Institut de Bioenginyeria de Catalunya
      Actual polymeric wound closure devices are not optimal for load-bearing applications due to the low mechanical properties and the risk of inflammation and bacterial infection mainly produced by multifilament and braided ...
    • Interactions between titanium surfaces and biological components 

      Pegueroles Neyra, Marta (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2009-09-16)
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      El conocimiento de las interacciones entre célula/proteína/biomaterial es fundamental para la ingeniería de superficies debido a las numerosas aplicaciones biomédicas y biotecnológicas que se están desarrollando así como ...
    • Micropatterned 3D-printed PLLA/PLCL bioresorsable stents: degradation and influence of sterilization 

      Chausse Calbet, Victor; Fox, T.; Mücklich, F.; Pegueroles Neyra, Marta (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2022-06-16)
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      Bioresorbable stents (BRS) are cylindrical scaffolds designed to provide a temporary support to the vessel wall while the structure slowly degrades until completely resorbed [1]. Current stent fabrication technology hinders ...
    • Numerical simulation of the micro-extrusion process of printable biomaterials 

      Amani, Ahmad; Kizildag, Deniz; Castro González, Jesús; Mazo Bárbara, Laura del; Pegueroles Neyra, Marta; Ginebra Molins, Maria Pau (Scipedia, 2022)
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      This work aims to gain a better understanding of how the rheological properties of printable materials affect their processability, as well as the quality of the final product, which at the end can lead to reducing time ...
    • RGD mutation of the heparin binding II fragment of fibronectin for guiding mesenchymal stem cell behavior on titanium surfaces 

      Guillem Martí, Jordi; Gelabert París, Maria; Heras Parets, Aina; Pegueroles Neyra, Marta; Ginebra Molins, Maria Pau; Manero Planella, José María (2019-01-04)
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      Installing bioactivity on metallic biomaterials by mimicking the extracellular matrix (ECM) is crucial for stimulating specific cellular responses to ultimately promote tissue regeneration. Fibronectin is an ECM protein ...
    • Roughness and wettability effect on histological and mechanical response of self-drilling orthodontic mini-implants 

      Espinar-Escalona, Eduardo; Bravo-Gonzalez, Luis-Alberto; Pegueroles Neyra, Marta; Gil Mur, Francisco Javier (2016-06-01)
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      Self-drilling orthodontic mini-implants can be used as temporary devices for orthodontic treatments. Our main goal was to evaluate surface characteristics, roughness and wettability, of surface modified mini-implants to ...
    • Solvent-cast direct-writing and electrospinning as a dual fabrication strategy for drug-eluting polymeric bioresorbable stents 

      Chausse Calbet, Victor; Casanova Batlle, Enric; Canal Barnils, Cristina; Ginebra Molins, Maria Pau; Ciurana Gay, Joaquim; Pegueroles Neyra, Marta (Elsevier, 2023-06-05)
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      Realitzat a/amb:   Institut de Recerca Sant Joan de Déu / Universitat de Girona / Institut de Bioenginyeria de Catalunya
      Bioresorbable stents (BRS) are conceived to retain sufficient radial strength after implantation while releasing an antiproliferative drug in order to prevent vessel restenosis until complete resorption. Ongoing research ...
    • Solvent-cast direct-writing as a fabrication strategy for radiopaque stents 

      Chausse Calbet, Victor; Schieber, Romain; Raymond Llorens, Santiago; Ségry, Brian; Sabaté, Ramon; Kolandaivelu, Kumaran; Ginebra Molins, Maria Pau; Pegueroles Neyra, Marta (Elsevier, 2021-12-01)
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      Realitzat a/amb:   Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Institut de Bioenginyeria de Catalunya / Brigham and Women's Hospital
      Bioresorbable stents (BRS) potential in treating coronary heart disease is still to be further developed. Current trends include research with new polymeric materials, the need for thinner struts combined with appropriate ...
    • Success rates of zygomatic implants for the rehabilitation of severely atrophic maxilla: a systematic review 

      Solà Pérez, Aleix; Pastorino, David; Aparicio, Carlos; Pegueroles Neyra, Marta; Khan, Rabia Sannam; Wright, Simon; Ucer, Cemal (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), 2022-08-01)
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      Realitzat a/amb:   ZAGA Centers / Clínica Hepler Bone / ICE Postgraduate Dental Institute and Hospital / University of Salford
      Zygomatic implants are a treatment solution for patients with severe maxillary atrophy. This treatment option allows delivering immediate fixed teeth within 24 h. Numerous peer-reviewed publications have reported different ...
    • Tuning Mesenchymal Stem Cell Response onto Titanium-Niobium-Hafnium Alloy by Recombinant Fibronectin Fragments 

      Herranz-Diez, Carolina; Mas Moruno, Carlos; Neubauer, S; Kessler, H; Gil Mur, Francisco Javier; Pegueroles Neyra, Marta; Manero Planella, José María; Guillem Martí, Jordi (2016-02-03)
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      Realitzat a/amb:   Technische Universität München
      Since metallic biomaterials used for bone replacement possess low bioactivity, the use of cell adhesive moieties is a common strategy to improve cellular response onto these surfaces. In recent years, the use of recombinant ...
    • Zn-Mg and Zn-Cu alloys for stenting applications: From nanoscale mechanical characterization to in vitro degradation and biocompatibility 

      García Mintegui, Claudia; Córdoba Román, Laura Catalina; Buxadera Palomero, Judit; Marquina, Andrea; Jiménez Piqué, Emilio; Ginebra Molins, Maria Pau; Cortina Pallás, José Luís; Pegueroles Neyra, Marta (2021-12)
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      Realitzat a/amb:   Institut de Bioenginyeria de Catalunya
      In the recent decades, zinc (Zn) and its alloys have been drawing attention as promising candidates for bioresorbable cardiovascular stents due to its degradation rate more suitable than magnesium (Mg) and iron (Fe) alloys. ...