• Hysteresis motor with self sustained rotor for high speed applications 

    Granados García, Xavier; Márquez, Isabel; Mora Serrano, Javier; Fontcuberta, Josep; Obradors Berenguer, Xavier; Pallarés, J.; Bosch Tous, Ricardo (Institute of Physics (IOP), 1997)
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    Pellets of YBCO HTSC have been used to construct a cylindrically shaped rotor. A four poles/four phases stator has been wound in order to build a motor. The motor behaves as an hysteresis motor when it starts and as ...
  • Small-scale characteristics and turbulent statistics of the flow in an external gear pump by time-resolved PIV 

    Ertürk, S.; Vernet, Anton; Pallarés, J.; Castilla López, Roberto; Raush Alviach, Gustavo Adolfo (2013-03)
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  • Synthesis of ordered polymer micro and nanostructures via porous templates 

    Palacios, R.; Formentín, P.; Santos, A.; Todorov Trifonov, Trifon; Pallarés, J.; Alcubilla González, Ramón; Marsal, L. F. (IEEE Press. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2009)
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    The deposition of specific materials into ordered pores arranged in a regular lattice allows the fabrication of ordered fiber arrays. Polymer micro- and nanofibers using macroporous silicon and nanoporous alumina templates ...