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    • A new approach to MGT-thermoviscoelasticity 

      Conti, Monica; Pata, Vittorino; Pellicer Sabadí, Marta; Quintanilla de Latorre, Ramón (American Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 2021-10)
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      In this paper we discuss some thermoelastic and thermoviscoelastic models obtained from the Gurtin theory, based on the invariance of the entropy under time reversal. We derive differential systems where the temperature ...
    • Analysis of a viscoelastic spring-mass model 

      Pellicer Sabadí, Marta; Solà-Morales Rubió, Joan de (2003)
      Open Access
      In this paper we consider a linear wave equation with strong damping and dynamical boundary conditions as an alternative model for the classical spring-mass-damper ODE. Our purpose is to compare analytically these two ...
    • Anàlisi d'un model de suspensió-amortiment 

      Pellicer Sabadí, Marta (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2004-09-17)
      Doctoral thesis
      Open Access
      DE TESI DOCTORAL.<br/>Els sistemes formats per una molla fixa en un extrem i una massa rígida en moviment en l'altre, s'han modelitzat clàssicament mitjançant l'EDO de segon ordre mu''(t) + du'(t) + ku(t) = 0. Però aquest ...