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    • Alya: Computational Solid Mechanics for Supercomputers 

      Casoni Rero, Eva; Jérusalem, Antoine; Samaniego, Cristóbal; Eguzkitza, Beatriz; Lafortune, Pierre; Tjahjanto, Denny; Sáez, Xavier; Houzeaux, Guillaume; Vázquez, Mariano (Springer, 2014-08-13)
      Open Access
      While solid mechanics codes are now conventional tools both in industry and research, the increasingly more exigent requirements of both sectors are fuelling the need for more computational power and more advanced algorithms. ...
    • Coupled electromechanical model of the heart: Parallel finite element formulation 

      Lafortune, Pierre; Aris, Ruth; Vázquez, Mariano; Houzeaux, Guillaume (2012-01)
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      In this paper, a highly parallel coupled electromechanical model of the heart is presented and assessed. The parallel-coupled model is thoroughly discussed, with scalability proven up to hundreds of cores. This work focuses ...