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    • Development of ARCADIA: a tool for assessing the quality of peer-review reports in biomedical research 

      Superchi, Cecilia; Hren, Darko; Blanco de Tena Davila, David; Rius Carrasco, Roser; Recchioni, Alessandro; Boutron, Isabelle; González Alastrué, José Antonio (2020-06)
      Open Access
      Objective To develop a tool to assess the quality of peer- review reports in biomedical research. Methods We conducted an online survey intended for biomedical editors and authors. The survey aimed to (1) determine if ...
    • Measuring review report quality in health research : development and validation of ARCADIA 

      Superchi, Cecilia (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2021-01-21)
      Doctoral thesis
      Open Access
      Covenantee:   Université Paris 7
      Editorial peer review is the gateway to scientific publication. It was established to ensure that research papers were vetted by independent experts before they are published. Despite the importance of this process, its ...
    • Tools used to assess the quality of peer review reports: a methodological systematic review 

      Superchi, Cecilia; González Alastrué, José Antonio; Solà, Ivan; Cobo Valeri, Erik; Hren, Darko; Boutron, Isabelle (2019-03-06)
      Open Access
      Background A strong need exists for a validated tool that clearly defines peer review report quality in biomedical research, as it will allow evaluating interventions aimed at improving the peer review process in ...