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    • A subloading surface clay and sand model 

      Pinedo Vilcahuamán, Paul José; Monforte Vila, Lluís; Arroyo Alvarez de Toledo, Marcos; Gens Solé, Antonio (2023)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      The mechanical response of natural soils is characterized by a narrow elastic domain, a smooth transition between elastic to elasto-plastic regime, and hysteretic behaviour during cyclic loading. These realistic features ...
    • Exploring viscous effects on numerical simulations of static liquefaction triggering 

      Pinedo Vilcahuamán, Paul José; Besenzon, Davide; Mánica Malcom, Miguel Ángel; Arroyo Alvarez de Toledo, Marcos; Gens Solé, Antonio (Gecamin, 2022)
      Conference lecture
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      Failures due to static liquefaction have been too frequent in tailings dams. Stress-deformation numerical analyses based on critical state theory are able to reproduce those failures and may be used to gain insight into ...