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  • Ball-burnishing effect on deep residual stress on AISI 1038 and AA2017-T4 

    García Granada, Andrés Amador; Gómez Gras, Giovanni; Jerez Mesa, Ramón; Travieso Rodriguez, Jose Antonio; Reyes Pozo, Guillermo (2017-04-12)
    Open Access
    Ball-burnishing induces compressive residual stresses on treated materials by the effect of plastic deformation. The result is an increase in the fatigue life of the treated part, retarding the initiation of cracks on the ...
  • Mechanical property characterization and simulation of fused deposition modeling Polycarbonate parts 

    Domingo Espín, Miquel; Puigoriol Forcada, Josep M.; García Granada, Andrés Amador; Llumà Fuentes, Jordi; Borrós Gómez, Salvador; Reyes Pozo, Guillermo (2015-10-15)
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    Building end-use functional parts with additive manufacturing (AM) technologies is a challenging task. Several factors influence their surface finish, dimensional accuracy, mechanical properties and cost. Their orientation ...