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  • A contact-less small antenna characterization through impedance modulation 

    Monsalve Carcelen, Beatriz; Blanch Boris, Sebastián; Romeu Robert, Jordi; Jofre Roca, Lluís (IEEE Press. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2009)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    In smalls antennas S-parameters measurements are highly influenced by the measurement equipment as well as the environment. In order to avoid this inconvenience, a wireless and non-invasive characterization setup is required. ...
  • Channel matrix characterization in MIMO scenario through impedance modulation 

    Monsalve Carcelen, Beatriz; Romeu Robert, Jordi; Blanch Boris, Sebastián (2010)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    In this paper a new measurement setup to obtain the characteristic channel matrix of a MIMO radio system is presented using a small and non intrusive device able to characterize two antennas and therefore obtaining the ...
  • Fabrication and measurement of homemade standard antennas 

    Guardiola Garcia, Marta; Monsalve Carcelen, Beatriz; Calafell Rueda, Irena; Roqueta Crusats, Gemma; Romeu Robert, Jordi (2012)
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    Apprenticeship is linked to training. This paper is intended to be a tutorial on how to design, fabricate, and measure antennas in an economical and easy way, using recycled materials and common electronic devices such ...