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    • Combinatorial investigation of Al–Cu intermetallics using small-scale mechanical testing 

      Xiao, Yuan; Besharatloo, Hossein; Gan, Bin; Maeder, Xavier; Spolenak, Ralph; Wheeler, J.M. (2020-05-05)
      Open Access
      In the past two decades, small-scale mechanical testing has become ubiquitous for mechanical measurements, offering new opportunities to quantitatively probe the mechanical behavior of materials. In this study, we applied ...
    • Design of alternative binders for hard materials 

      Nicolás, M. de; Besharatloo, Hossein; Alvaredo Olmos, Paula; Roa Rovira, Joan Josep; Llanes Pitarch, Luis Miguel; Gordo Odériz, Elena (2020-02-01)
      Open Access
      In the last years, a special interest has emerged towards the total or partial substitution of traditional cemented carbides composing elements. In this study, a systematic methodology is presented and used to design ...
    • Influence of the processing route on the properties of Ti(C,N)-Fe15Ni cermets 

      Nicolás Morillas, Maria de; Besharatloo, Hossein; Wheeler, J.M.; Dios Pérez, Miguel de; Alvaredo Olmos, Paula; Roa Rovira, Joan Josep; Ferrari, B; Llanes Pitarch, Luis Miguel; Gordo Odériz, Elena (2020-02-01)
      Open Access
      This study aims to understand the influence of powder preparation and processing steps on the microstructure and properties of Ti(C,N)-Fe15Ni cermets with 70 and 80 vol% of ceramic phase. Two routes were used for powder ...
    • Micromechanical properties of inorganic multiphase materials 

      Besharatloo, Hossein (2021-05-13)
      Doctoral thesis
      Open Access
      This thesis is dedicated to understanding the micromechanical properties of multiphase materials which are indispensable in today’s engineering applications. The mechanical behavior of these materials is dictated by the ...
    • Small-scale assessment of corrosion-induced damage in hardmetals 

      Zheng, Yafeng; Fargas Ribas, Gemma; Besharatloo, Hossein; Roa Rovira, Joan Josep; Lavigne, Olivier; Llanes Pitarch, Luis Miguel (2019)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      In this work, the effect of corrosion-induced damage on the mechanical response of hardmetals was evaluated at small-scale level by means of nanoindentation and nanoscratch. Damage was introduced in a controlled way through ...
    • Small-scale mechanical properties of constitutive phases within a polycrystalline cubic boron nitride composite 

      Besharatloo, Hossein; Gordon Pozuelo, Sandra; Rodríguez Suárez, Teresa; Llanes Pitarch, Luis Miguel; Roa Rovira, Joan Josep (Elsevier, 2019-01-01)
      Open Access
      Micromechanical properties of a polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PcBN) composite have been assessed by statistical analysis of data gathered from experimental massive nanoindentation. The mechanical study was complemented ...
    • Thermal treatment effects on high-Mn TWIP steels 

      Besharatloo, Hossein (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2014-12-05)
      Master thesis
      Open Access
      This master thesis is going to study and investigate the thermal treatment’s effects on the high Mn-TWIP steels. In order to get these aims some factors can be studied, such microstructures and mechanical properties of ...
    • Ti(C,N)-Fe15Ni10Cr cermets as alternative hard materials: Influence of the processing route and composition on their microstructure and properties 

      Besharatloo, Hossein; Llanes Pitarch, Luis Miguel (2021-08-15)
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      Processing route is a determining factor that affects the properties of hard materials. Although processing routes are well defined for WC-Co hardmetals, a complete study is needed to understand the factors influencing the ...