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  • Graph classes with given 3-connected components: asymptotic counting, limit laws and critical phenomena 

    Giménez Llach, Omer; Noy Serrano, Marcos; Rué Perna, Juan José (Edicions de la Universitat de Lleida (UdL), 2008)
    Conference lecture
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    Consider a family T of 3-connected graphs, and let G be the class of graphs whose 3-connected components are graphs in T . We present a general framework for analyzing such graphs classes based on singularity analysis of ...
  • On the diameter of random planar graphs 

    Chapuy, G.; Fusy, Éric; Giménez Llach, Omer; Noy Serrano, Marcos (2015)
    Open Access
    We show that the diameter diam(Gn) of a random labelled connected planar graph with n vertices is equal to n1/4+o(1) , in probability. More precisely, there exists a constant c > 0 such that {equation presented} for ˜ small ...
  • The Maximum degree of series-parallel graphs 

    Drmota, Michael; Giménez Llach, Omer; Noy Serrano, Marcos (2011-07)
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    We prove that the maximum degree Δn of a random series-parallel graph with n vertices satisfies Δn/ log n → c in probability, and EΔn ∼ c log n for a computable constant c > 0. The same kind of result holds for 2-connected ...