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    • Communication through coherence in a realistic neuronal model 

      Reyner Parra, David (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2020-07)
      Master thesis
      Open Access
      The Communication Through Coherence (CTC) theory establishes that neural communication is much effective if the underlying oscillatory activity of both populations are phase locked, that is, the input from the emitting ...
    • Modelització de l'activitat neuronal amb adaptació usant models de camp mitjà 

      Reyner Parra, David (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2019-07)
      Bachelor thesis
      Open Access
      Entendre el funcionament del cervell implica l'estudi de grans xarxes de neurones. Una manera alternativa de descriure la dinàmica col lectiva de la xarxa és en termes de mesures macroscòpiques de la població neuronal, ...
    • Phase-locking patterns underlying effective communication in exact firing rate models of neural networks 

      Huguet Casades, Gemma; Reyner Parra, David (Public Library of Science (PLOS), 2022-05-18)
      Open Access
      Macroscopic oscillations in the brain have been observed to be involved in many cognitive tasks but their role is not completely understood. One of the suggested functions of the oscillations is to dynamically modulate ...
    • Traveling waves in a model for cortical spreading depolarization with slow-fast dynamics 

      Reyner Parra, David; Bonet Revés, Carles; Martínez-Seara Alonso, M. Teresa; Huguet Casades, Gemma (American Institute of Physics (AIP), 2023-08-29)
      Open Access
      Cortical spreading depression and spreading depolarization (CSD) are waves of neuronal depolarization that spread across the cortex, leading to a temporary saturation of brain activity. They are associated with various ...