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  • EcoTM: Conflict-aware economical unbounded hardware transactional memory 

    Tomić, Saša; Akpinar, Ege; Cristal Kestelman, Adrián; Unsal, Osman Sabri; Valero Cortés, Mateo (Elsevier, 2013)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    Transactional Memory (TM) is a promising paradigm for parallel programming. TM allows a thread to make a series of memory accesses as a single, atomic, transaction, while avoiding deadlocks, livelocks, and other problems ...
  • Improving the energy efficiency of hardware-assisted watchpoint systems 

    Karakostas, Vasileios; Tomić, Saša; Unsal, Osman Sabri; Nemirovsky, Mario; Cristal Kestelman, Adrián (2013)
    Conference report
    Restricted access - publisher's policy
    Hardware-assisted watchpoint systems enhance the execution of numerous dynamic software techniques, such as memory protection, module isolation, deterministic execution, and data race detection. In this paper, we show ...
  • The velox transactional memory stack 

    Cristal Kestelman, Adrián; Felber, Pascal; Riviere, Etienne; Moreira, Walter Maldonado; Harmanci, Derin; Marlier, Patrick; Diestelhorst, Stephan; Hohmuth, Michael; Pohlack, Martin; Afek, Yehuda; Tomić, Saša; Drepper, Ulrich; Gramoli, Vincent; Kapalka, Michal; Guerraoui, Rachid; Dragojevic, Aleksandar; Stenstrom, Per; Unsal, Osman Sabri; Hur, Ibrahim; Korland, Guy; Nowack, Martin; Riegel, Torvald; Shavit, Nir; Fetzer, Christof (2010-09)
    Open Access
    The transactional memory programming paradigm could become the coordination methodology of choice for actual and future multicore and many-core architectures. The transactional memory support spans a complete software and ...