• Morphodynamics of a width-variable gravel bed stream: new insights on pool-riffle formation from physical experiments 

    Chartrand, Shawn M.; Jellinek, A. Mark; Hassan, Marwan A.; Ferrer Boix, Carles (American Geophysical Union (AGU), 2018-11)
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    Field observations, experiments, and numerical simulations suggest that pool-riffles along gravel bed mountain streams develop due to downstream variations of channel width. Where channels narrow, pools are observed, and ...
  • River incision due to gravel mining: a case study 

    Martín Vide, Juan Pedro; Ferrer Boix, Carles (2011)
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    Historical information was used to study river degradation in a case study in NE Spain. The accumulation of good topographical information since the 1940s for the Gállego river (a tributary of the Ebro river, which drains ...
  • Sorting of a sand-gravel mixture in a Gilbert-type delta 

    Ferrer Boix, Carles; Martín Vide, Juan Pedro; Parker, Gary (2015-08)
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    This paper presents the results of a Gilbert-type delta progradation experiment within an impoundment created by a dam. The delta was composed of a poorly sorted sand-gravel mixture in a bedload-dominated environment. The ...