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  • International briefing 33: training and development in Argentina 

    Chiaramonte Cipolla, Luis Alejandro; Marín Díaz, María Luz; Llinàs Audet, Francisco Javier; Calderón, Juan Ernesto (2015)
    Open Access
    The purpose of this briefing is to describe training and development in Argentina and to identify and analyze the issues that arise for policy and practice. After painting a brief picture of the country, we consider ...
  • La contribución de la formación continua al crecimiento económico, a través de sus factores clave. Una perspectiva europea 

    Chiaramonte Cipolla, Luis Alejandro (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2013-09-06)
    Doctoral thesis
    Open Access
    This thesis was conducted in order to study the existence of the relationship between lifelong learning and economic growth.The main objective was to develop a framework based on theory that encloses a larger set of variables ...
  • La formación continua en la empresa y su impacto en el crecimiento económico 

    Chiaramonte Cipolla, Luis Alejandro; Marín Díaz, María Luz; Llinàs Audet, Francisco Javier; Escardíbul Serra, Josep Oriol (2013)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    El objetivo básico de este estudio es investigarla relación entre la formación continua en la empresa, como factor que mejora el rendimiento empresarial, y su implicación en el rendimiento de la economía, con el fin no ...
  • The ICT skills gap in Spain: industry expectations versus university preparation 

    Llorens García, Ariadna; Llinàs Audet, Francisco Javier; Ras Sabido, Antoni; Chiaramonte Cipolla, Luis Alejandro (2010-06-29)
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    This article distinguishes which generic skills are the key to enable newly graduated engineers, basically computer and telecommunication engineers, to enter the information and communication technology (ICT) sector, ...
  • Training as a factor of business excellence 

    Marín Díaz, María Luz; Llinàs Audet, Francisco Javier; Chiaramonte Cipolla, Luis Alejandro (Intangible Capital, 2011-11)
    Open Access
    Purpose: Adopting a specific strategy is sometimes the key to the survival of companies. Given the increasing interest on the part of the companies to have the best strategy that allows them to differentiate themselves ...