• Heavy right censoring: when is too heavy? 

    López-Segovia, Lucas; Gómez Melis, Guadalupe; Espinal Berenguer, Anna (2009)
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    The main purpose of this work is to study the effect that a large percentage of right censoring has on the estimation of the regression parameters under a proportional hazards model. To accomplish this we conduct a simulation ...
  • Nonlinear transformation models: application to mortality of calves 

    López-Segovia, Lucas; Espinal Berenguer, Anna; Gómez Melis, Guadalupe (2010)
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    We present. an appl ication of the proportional hazard-proportional hazard cure models to evalu ate the environmental and genetic factors that affect both mortality and survival up to weaning of beef calves. We usc the ...
  • Review of multivariate survival data 

    Gómez Melis, Guadalupe; Calle Rosingana, M. Luz; Serrat Piè, Carles; Espinal Berenguer, Anna (2004-09)
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    This paper reviews some of the main contributions in the area of multivariate survival data and proposes some possible extensions. In particular, we have concentrated our search and study on those papers that are relevant ...