• First-order synergies for motion planning of anthropomorphic dual-arm robots 

    García Hidalgo, Néstor; Suárez Feijóo, Raúl; Rosell Gratacòs, Jan (2017-07-01)
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    This paper addresses the problem of designing a planning algorithm for anthropomorphic dual-arm robotic systems to find paths that mimics the movements of real human beings by using first-order synergies (correlations ...
  • Mobile manipulators as robot co-workers: autonomy and interaction in the human-robot collaboration 

    Rosell Gratacòs, Jan; Nuño, Emmanuel; Claret, Josep A.; Zaplana Agut, Isiah; García Hidalgo, Néstor; Akbari, Aliakbar; Ud Din, Muhayy; Palomo Avellaneda, Leopold; Pérez Ruiz, Alexander; Mas Casals, Orestes Miquel; Basañez Villaluenga, Luis (Comité Español de Automática (CEA-IFAC), 2017)
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    In work environments, the use of dexterous mobile manipulators as co-workers poses several challenges with respect to the human-robot collaboration. On the one hand, its focus is in the autonomy (i.e. the mobile manipulators ...
  • Task-dependent synergies for motion planning of an anthropomorphic dual-arm system 

    García Hidalgo, Néstor; Suárez Feijóo, Raúl; Rosell Gratacòs, Jan (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2017-06-01)
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    The paper deals with the problem of motion planning for anthropomorphic dual-arm robots. It introduces a measure of the similarity of the movements needed to solve two given tasks. Planning using this measure to select ...