• Enzymatic synthesis of a thiolated chitosan-based wound dressing crosslinked with chicoric acid 

    Stefanov, Ivaylo; Hinojosa Caballero, Dolores; Maspoch, Santiago; Hoyo Pérez, Javier; Tzanov, Tzanko (Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), 2018-10-26)
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    This work describes the enzymatic synthesis of multifunctional hydrogels for chronic wound treatment using thiolated chitosan and the natural polyphenol chicoric acid. Gelation was achieved by ...
  • Multifunctional enzymatically generated hydrogels for chronic wound application 

    Stefanov, Ivaylo; Hoyo Pérez, Javier; Cailloux, Jonathan; Santana Pérez, Orlando Onofre; Tzanov, Tzanko; Pérez Rafael, Silvia; Hinojosa-Caballero, Dolores (2017-04-19)
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    The healing of chronic wounds requires intensive medical intervention at huge healthcare costs. Dressing materials should consider the multifactorial nature of these wounds comprising deleterious proteolytic and oxidative ...