• A graph-based strategy to streamline translation quality assessments 

    Pighin, Daniele; Formiga Fanals, Lluís; Màrquez Villodre, Lluís (2012)
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    We present a detailed analysis of a graph- based annotation strategy that we employed to annotate a corpus of 11,292 real-world En- glish to Spanish automatic translations with relative (ranking) and absolute ...
  • Evaluating the impact of syntax and semantics on emotion recognition from text 

    Özbal, Gözde; Pighin, Daniele (Springer, 2013)
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    In this paper, we systematically analyze the effect of incorporating different levels of syntactic and semantic information on the accuracy of emotion recognition from text. We carry out the evaluation in a supervised ...
  • The UPC submission to the WMT 2012 shared task on quality estimation 

    Pighin, Daniele; González Bermúdez, Meritxell; Màrquez Villodre, Lluís (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2012)
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    In this paper, we describe the UPC system that participated in the WMT 2012 shared task on Quality Estimation for Machine Translation. Based on the empirical evidence that fluencyrelated features have a very high ...