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    • Fabrication and measurement of homemade standard antennas 

      Guardiola Garcia, Marta; Monsalve Carcelen, Beatriz; Calafell Rueda, Irena; Roqueta Crusats, Gemma; Romeu Robert, Jordi (2012)
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      Apprenticeship is linked to training. This paper is intended to be a tutorial on how to design, fabricate, and measure antennas in an economical and easy way, using recycled materials and common electronic devices such ...
    • Microstrip patch antenna design using artificial material loadings 

      Calafell Rueda, Irena; Ferrer, Pere; González Arbesú, José María; Romeu Robert, Jordi (2010)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      Patch antennas filled using different material loadings, both homogeneous and dispersive, are reviewed in order to assess its FBW value. A compact formulation proposed by Yaghjian and Best [1] to compute the FBW of antennas ...