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    • Contention- and interference-aware flow-based routing in wireless mesh networks: design and evaluation of a novel routing metric 

      Catalán Cid, Miguel; Ferrer, Josep Lluís; Gómez Montenegro, Carlos; Paradells Aspas, Josep (2010)
      Open Access
      As the popularity of IEEE 802.11-based Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) grows, end users of these environments demand better performance and quality of service (QoS). However, the Medium Access Control (MAC) layer of the ...
    • Contributions to the routing of traffic flows in multi-hop IEEE 802.11 wireless networks 

      Catalán Cid, Miguel (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2016-02-10)
      Doctoral thesis
      Open Access
      The IEEE 802.11 standard was not initially designed to provide multi-hop capabilities. Therefore, providing a proper traffic performance in Multi-Hop IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks (MIWNs) becomes a significant challenge. ...
    • Cooperative intelligent transport systems for vulnerable road users safety 

      Casademont Serra, Jordi; Calveras Augé, Anna M.; Quiñones, David; Navarro Rodero, Mònica; Arribas Lázaro, Javier; Catalán Cid, Miguel (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2019)
      Conference lecture
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      Cooperative-Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) are one of the flagships of new coming automotive and communication industries. Mobility needs to be safer and more efficient and C-ITS are the key for this new era. On the ...
    • Design of a UMTS/GPRS Assisted Mesh Network (UAMN) 

      Paradells Aspas, Josep; Ferrer, Josep Lluís; Catalán Cid, María Luisa; Torres, Wilfredo; Catalán Cid, Miguel; Sánchez Loro, Xavier; Beltrán Martínez, María Victoria; García Villegas, Eduard; Gómez C.; Plans, Pau; Rubio, Javier; Almodóvar, Daniel; Rodellar, Daniel; Subotic, N.; Wenger, D.; Steiner, I. (Wireless World Research Forum, 2006-11-15)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      Wireless Mesh or multi-hop networks (WMNs) are well known thanks to its simplicity on deployment and the lack of infrastructure. These two advantages come with some drawbacks. WMNs have limitations with the support of ...
    • Redes de comunicaciones : de la telefonía móvil a Internet 

      Beltran Sanchidrian, Victòria; Casals Ibáñez, Lluís; Catalán Cid, María Luisa; Catalán Cid, Miguel; García Villegas, Eduard; Gómez Montenegro, Carlos; Hesselbach Serra, Xavier; López Aguilera, M. Elena; Paradells Aspas, Josep; Sánchez Vila, Francisco Javier; Vidal Ferré, Rafael; Calveras Augé, Anna M. (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2010)
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      Vivimos completamente rodeados por una miríada de dispositivos electrónicos interconectados, que a su vez originan nuevos servicios y nuevas formas de entender y establecer las relaciones sociales. Nuevas palabras y conceptos ...
    • Weighted contention and interference routing metric (WCIM): Research Report 

      Catalán Cid, Miguel; Ferrer, Josep Lluís; Gómez Montenegro, Carlos; Paradells Aspas, Josep (2010-07-08)
      Research report
      Open Access
      Contention- and Interference-Aware Flow-based Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks: design and evaluation of a novel routing metric Report 1: Analysis of WCIM model Report 2: Simulations