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  • An approach to disaggregating total household water consumption into major end-uses 

    Fontdecaba Rigat, Sara; Sánchez Espigares, Josep Anton; Marco Almagro, Lluís; Tort-Martorell Llabrés, Xavier; Cabrespina, Francesc; Zubelzu, Jordi (2013-01-27)
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    The aim of this project is to assign domestic water consumption to different devices based on the information provided by the water meter. We monitored a sample of Barcelona and Murcia with flow switches that recorded ...
  • Contributions to industrial statistics 

    Fontdecaba Rigat, Sara (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2015-12-23)
    Doctoral thesis
    Open Access
    This thesis is about statistics' contributions to industry. It is an article compendium comprising four articles divided in two blocks: (i) two contributions for a water supply company, and (ii) significance of the effects ...
  • Elaboració de material docent per a assignatures d'estadística industrial 

    Marco Almagro, Lluís; Grima Cintas, Pedro; Rodero de Lamo, Lourdes; Tort-Martorell Llabrés, Xavier; Sánchez Espigares, Josep Anton; Solé Vidal, Ignasi; Valls i Colom, Moisès; Corredoira González, Laura; Clot Razquin, Guillem; Fontdecaba Rigat, Sara (2009-02-12T13:11:17Z)
    Conference lecture / Conference report
    Open Access
    La finalitat del projecte és elaborar material d'ajuda i suport a la docència per assignatures relacionades amb l'estadística industrial. Ens centrem fonamentalment en les assignatures “Mètodes estadístics de l’enginyeria ...
  • Proposal of a single critical value for the lenth method 

    Fontdecaba Rigat, Sara; Grima Cintas, Pedro; Tort-Martorell Llabrés, Xavier (2015)
    Open Access
    Different critical values deduced by simulation have been proposed that greatly improve Lenth's original proposal. However, these simulations assume that all effects are zero - something not realistic - producing bigger ...