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    • A National study on the antecedents and outcomes of work-life balance in Iran 

      Tavassoli, Tara; Sunyer Torrents, Albert (2018-02-20)
      Open Access
      This paper examines the impact of work-life balance (WLB) on individual outcomes of full time employees in Iran. This research aims to identify the influence of WLB on job satisfaction, life satisfaction, and turnover ...
    • Employee work-life balance, satisfaction and burnout in Iran and Spain 

      Tavassoli, Tara; Sunyer Torrents, Albert (GIAP Journals, 2020-06-09)
      Open Access
      Purpose of the study: This research explores the effects of Work-Life Balance (WLB) on job and life satisfaction, and burnout in Iran and Spain. Besides, this research investigates the impact of WLB on organizational ...
    • Outcomes of Work-Life Balance (WLB) across two different nations: Iran and Spain 

      Tavassoli, Tara (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2021-02-18)
      Doctoral thesis
      Open Access
      The nature of work has changed in the last decades; rapidly expanding globalization has led to increased competition in the workplace. Moreover, the growth in female labor force participation has led to the forced shifting ...
    • Research proposal on the outcomes of Work-life balance in Spain and Iran 

      Tavassoli, Tara; Sunyer Torrents, Albert (2015-09-10)
      External research report
      Open Access
      This study aims to investigate the outcomes of Work-Life Balance (WLB) in Middle East society culture and compare the results to a European culture. Indeed, the main purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of ...