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    • Fully post-quantum protocols for e-voting, coercion resistant cast as intended and mixing networks 

      Martínez Pinilla, Ramiro (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2018-01)
      Master thesis
      Open Access
      In an electronic election several cryptographic proofs are implemented to guarantee that all the process has been fair. Many cryptographic primitives are based on the hardness of the discrete logarithm, factorization and ...
    • Lattice-Based proof of a shuffle 

      Costa, Nuria; Martínez Pinilla, Ramiro; Morillo Bosch, M. Paz (2019)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      In this paper we present the first fully post-quantum proof of a shuffle for RLWE encryption schemes. Shuffles are commonly used to construct mixing networks (mix-nets), a key element to ensure anonymity in many applications ...
    • Protocolos para votaciones electrónicas 

      Martínez Pinilla, Ramiro (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2017-01)
      Bachelor thesis
      Open Access
      Propuesta de protocolo para una prueba de conocimiento nulo para verificar el correcto funcionamiento de un nodo mixnet en un esquema de votación electrónica que utiliza un cifrado post-cuántico basado en retículos. Se ...
    • RLWE-Based Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Linear and Multiplicative Relations 

      Martínez Pinilla, Ramiro; Morillo Bosch, M. Paz (Springer International Publishing, 2019)
      Conference report
      Restricted access - publisher's policy
      We present efficient Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Knowledge (ZKPoK) for linear and multiplicative relations among secret messages hidden as Ring Learning With Errors (RLWE) samples. Messages are polynomials in $\mathbb{Z}_q[ ...