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    • Data-based fault detection in chemical processes: Managing records with operator intervention and uncertain labels 

      Askarian, Mahdieh; Benítez Iglesias, Raúl; Graells Sobré, Moisès; Zarghami, Reza (2016-06-23)
      Open Access
      Developing data-driven fault detection systems for chemical plants requires managing uncertain data labels and dynamic attributes due to operator-process interactions. Mislabeled data is a known problem in computer science ...
    • Fault diagnosis of chemical processes with incomplete observations: A comparative study 

      Askarian, Mahdieh; Escudero Bakx, Gerard; Graells Sobré, Moisès; Zarghami, Reza; Jalali Farahani, Farhang; Mostoufi, Navid (Pergamon Press, 2016-01-04)
      Open Access
      An important problem to be addressed by diagnostic systems in industrial applications is the estimation of faults with incomplete observations. This work discusses different approaches for handling missing data, and ...
    • Optimal features selection for designing a fault diagnosis system 

      Ardakani, Mohammadhamed; Askarian, Mahdieh; Shokry Abdelaleem Taha Zied, Ahmed; Escudero Bakx, Gerard; Graells Sobré, Moisès; Espuña Camarasa, Antonio (Elsevier, 2016)
      Conference report
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      Fault diagnosis (FD) using data-driven methods is essential for monitoring complex process systems, but its performance is severely affected by the quality of the used information. Additionally, processing huge amounts of ...