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    • A geometric approach to phase response curves and its numerical computation through the parameterization method 

      Pérez Cervera, Alberto; Martínez-Seara Alonso, M. Teresa; Huguet Casades, Gemma (2019-01-01)
      Open Access
      The phase response curve (PRC) is a tool used in neuroscience that measures the phase shift experienced by an oscillator due to a perturbation applied at different phases of the limit cycle. In this paper, we present a new ...
    • Computation of invariant curves in the analysis of periodically forced neural oscillators 

      Pérez Cervera, Alberto; Huguet Casades, Gemma; Martínez-Seara Alonso, M. Teresa (Springer, 2018)
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      Open Access
      Background oscillations, reflecting the excitability of neurons, are ubiq- uitous in the brain. Some studies have conjectured that when spikes sent by one population reach the other population in the peaks of excitability, ...
    • On the role of oscillatory dynamics in neural communication 

      Pérez Cervera, Alberto (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2019-04-04)
      Doctoral thesis
      Open Access
      In this Thesis we consider problems concerning brain oscillations generated across the interaction between excitatory (E) and inhibitory (I) cells. We explore how two neuronal groups with underlying oscillatory activity ...
    • The uncoupling limit of identical Hopf bifurcations with an application to perceptual bistability 

      Pérez Cervera, Alberto; Ashwin, Peter; Huguet Casades, Gemma; Rankin, James; Martínez-Seara Alonso, M. Teresa (2019-12-01)
      Open Access
      We study the dynamics arising when two identical oscillators are coupled near a Hopfbifurcation where we assume a parameter uncouples the system at = 0. Using anormal form forN= 2 identical systems undergoing Hopf bifurcation, ...