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    • Caracterización numérica y experimental de un sistema vibroacústico mediante "Advanced Transferer Path Analysis" 

      Cierco, Ester; Vicens Rodríguez, Pere; Aragonès Martín, Àngels; Arcas, Kevin; Poblet-Puig, Jordi; Magrans Fontrodona, Francesc Xavier; Rodríguez Ferran, Antonio (Sociedad Española de Acústica, 2018)
      Conference report
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      ATPA (Advanced Transfer Path Analysis) is a method that allows knowing the noise paths and contributions of a vibroacoustic problem. It is clear that a good quantification of the less dominant contributions is essential ...
    • Experimental and numerical study of Advanced Transfer Path Analysis applied to a box prototype 

      Aragonès Martín, Àngels; Poblet-Puig, Jordi; Arcas, Kevin; Vicens Rodríguez, Pere; Magrans Fontrodona, Francesc Xavier; Rodríguez Ferran, Antonio (2019-01-01)
      Open Access
      Advanced Transfer Path Analysis (ATPA) is a technique that allows the characterisation of vibroacoustic systems not only from the point of view of contributions but also topologically by means of the path concept. Some of ...