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  • Proposal for using NLP interchange format for question answering in organizations 

    Latifi, Majid (CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2014)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    The growth of technology and sciences has greatly influenced the area of management and decision-making procedures, and has dramatically changed the decision-making processes in different levels, both quantitatively and ...
  • ScoQAS : a semantic-based closed and open domain question answering system 

    Latifi, Majid; Rodríguez Hontoria, Horacio; Sànchez-Marrè, Miquel (2017-09-01)
    Open Access
    Question Answering (QA) has reappeared in research activities and in companies over the past years. We present an architecture of Semantic-based closed and open domain Question Answering System (ScoQAS) over ontology ...
  • Using natural language processing for question answering in closed and open domains 

    Latifi, Majid (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2018-05-25)
    Doctoral thesis
    Open Access
    With regard to the growth in the amount of social, environmental, and biomedical information available digitally, there is a growing need for Question Answering (QA) systems that can empower users to master this new wealth ...