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    • Antibacterial polyurethane foams with incorporated lignin-capped silver nanoparticles for chronic wound treatment 

      Morena Gatius, Ángela Gala; Ivanova, Kristina Dimitrova; Pérez Rafael, Silvia; Sánchez Soto, Miguel; Tzanov, Tzanko (2020-02-26)
      Open Access
      Lignin-capped silver nanoparticles were incorporated in situ into polyurethane foams during their polymerization to obtain multifunctional materials suitable for chronic wound dressing. Lignin with increased phenolic ...
    • Antimicrobial lightweight materials and components 

      Morena Gatius, Ángela Gala; Ferreres Cabanes, Guillem; Ivanova, Kristina Dimitrova; Pérez Rafael, Silvia; Tzanov, Tzanko (Elsevier, 2020-12-02)
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      Lightweight materials and components have gained remarkable scientific and technological importance in the recent times as the main drivers of innovation. They are finding widespread use across all industry sectors to ...
    • Laccase/TEMPO-mediated bacterial cellulose functionalization: production of paper-silver nanoparticles composite with antimicrobial activity 

      Morena Gatius, Ángela Gala; Roncero Vivero, María Blanca; Valenzuela, Susana V.; Valls Vidal, Cristina; Vidal Lluciá, Teresa; Javier Pastor, F.I.; Diaz Lucea, M. Pilar; Martínez Martínez, Josefina (2019-01-01)
      Open Access
      Bacterial cellulose (BC) was functionalized applying the Laccase/TEMPO oxidative treatment, leading to a five-fold increase of the concentration of carboxyl groups. Paper produced with this cellulose showed improved ...