• FSSCAT, the 2017 Copernicus Masters’ “ESA Sentinel Small Satellite Challenge” Winner: A Federated Polar and Soil Moisture Tandem Mission Based on 6U Cubesats 

    Camps Carmona, Adriano José; Golkar, Alessandro; Gutiérrez del Cerro, Alfredo; Ruiz De Azúa Ortega, Juan Adrián; Muñoz Martin, Joan Francesc; Fernandez Capon, Lara Pilar; Diez Garcia, Carlos; Aguilella, Andrea (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2018)
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    FSSCAT is an innovative mission concept consisting of two federated 6U Cubesats in support of the Copernicus Land and Marine Environment services. The first CubeSat carries the Flexible Microwave Payload-2 (FMPL-2), a dual ...
  • Guidance, navigation and control of a very small solar sail 

    Diez Garcia, Carlos (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2017-10-31)
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    With the miniaturization of the electrical components and the advance in aerospace technology, new methods of spatial propulsion have been developed. This thesis project is focused on solar radiation pressure modelling, ...