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    • A Frame-dependent oracle for linear hierarchical radiosity: a step towards frame-to-frame 

      Martín Campos, Ignacio Clemente; Tost Pardell, Daniela; Pueyo Sánchez, Xavier (1996-01)
      Research report
      Open Access
      A frame-based oracle for Hierarchical Radiosity (HR) is proposed which takes into account the Gouraud shading interpolated intensity values mapped from the radiosities. The algorithm is based on a linear approximation ...
    • A Framework for animation in global illumination environments 

      Martín Campos, Ignacio Clemente; Pueyo, X; Tost Pardell, Daniela (1998-06)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      This paper proposes a framework for the production of animations of high quality radiosity environments which makes use of the a-priori knowledge of the dynamic properties of the scene in order to exploit temporal ...
    • Análisis de la coherencia temporal en escenas dinámicas iluminadas con radiosidad 

      Martín Campos, Ignacio Clemente (1994-10-06)
      Research report
      Open Access
      Este report analiza los antecedentes existentes en el uso de la coherencia temporal para la aceleración del cálculo de secuencias de animación en escenas dinámicas iluminadas mediante radiosidad. La importancia de estas ...
    • Characterization and application of a-SiCx:H films for the passivation of the c-Si surface 

      Martín Campos, Ignacio Clemente; Vetter, M; Orpella García, Alberto; Puigdollers i González, Joaquim; Voz Sánchez, Cristóbal; Marsal, L F; Pallarès Marzal, Josep; Alcubilla González, Ramón (2002-01)
      Restricted access - publisher's policy
      In this work we investigate the effects of typical thermal treatments on c-Si surface passivation by intrinsic a-SiCx:H films. First, a forming gas anneal (FGA), (400 °C, 30 min in H2/N2) is applied resulting in an improvement ...