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  • A data center control architecture for power consumption reduction 

    Botero Vega, Juan Felipe; Rincón Rivera, David; Agustí Torra, Anna; Hesselbach Serra, Xavier; Raspall Chaure, Frederic; Remondo Bueno, David; Barba Martí, Antonio; Barone, Paolo; Giuliani, Giovanni (2013)
    Conference report
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    In recent years, the emergence of the cloud computing has increased the need of resources to support cloud-based services. Therefore, the role of the data centers has become essential. Following the growing of services, ...
  • Content distribution over IP: developments and challenges 

    Popescu, Adrian; Kouvatsos, D; Remondo Bueno, David; Giordano, Stefano (2011)
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    This chapter focuses on the multimedia distribution over Internet IP under the auspices of the NoE Euro-NGI research project ”Routing in Overlay Networks (ROVER)”. The multimedia distribution is supported by several ...
  • Energy-efficient wireless mesh infrastructures 

    Al-Hazmi, Y.; de Meer, Hermann; Hummel, Karin Anna; Meyer, Harald; Meo, Michela; Remondo Bueno, David (2011-03)
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    The Internet comprises access segments with wired and wireless technologies. In the future, we can expect wireless mesh infrastructures (WMIs) to proliferate in this context. Due to the relatively low energy efficiency ...
  • Examen Final 

    Barba Martí, Antonio; Remondo Bueno, David; Rojas Espinosa, Alfonso (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2013-06-19)
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  • Integration of Optical and Wireless Technologies in the Metro-Access: QoS Support and Mobility Aspects 

    Cervelló Pastor, Cristina; Sallent Ribes, Sebastián; Gutiérrez González, Lluís; Remondo Bueno, David; Nunes, Mario; Sargento, Susana; Cesana, Matteo; Filippini, Ilario; Triay Marquès, Joan; Agustí Torra, Anna; Andrade Jardín, Marilet de (2009-07)
    Conference lecture
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  • On the feasibility of collaborative green data center ecosystems 

    Agustí Torra, Anna; Raspall Chaure, Frederic; Remondo Bueno, David; Rincón Rivera, David; Giuliani, Giovanni (Elsevier, 2015-02-01)
    Open Access
    The increasing awareness of the impact of the IT sector on the environment, together with economic factors, have fueled many research efforts to reduce the energy expenditure of data centers. Recent work proposes to achieve ...
  • Wireless ad hoc networks: an overview 

    Remondo Bueno, David (2011)
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    This tutorial provides a general view on the research field of ad hoc networks. After a definition of the concept, the discussion concentrates on enabling technologies, including physical and medium access control layers, ...