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    • Bond strength tests under pure shear and tension between masonry and sprayed mortar 

      Huang, Dawei; Pons Valladares, Oriol; Albareda Valls, Albert (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), 2020-05-09)
      Open Access
      Sprayed mortar or shotcrete is a construction technology that could enhance existing masonry buildings’ resilience by reinforcing low-safety load-bearing walls. Many factors affect the resistance of shotcrete-reinforced ...
    • Sprayed cementitious mortars to strengthen urban buildings: Case study in Barcelona, Spain 

      Pons Valladares, Oriol; Huang, Dawei; Albareda Valls, Albert; Pellegrino, Francesco; Segura Pérez, Ignacio; Garcia, Tomàs; Zamora i Mestre, Joan-Lluís; Fuente Antequera, Albert de la (2020)
      Conference report
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      Cities the world over require more resilient architecture that satisfies stricter structural safety standards than in the past. However, there are too many urban building structures about to reach the end of their designed ...