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    • Non-invasive RF built-in testing using on-chip temperature sensors 

      Aldrete Vidrio, Héctor; Onabajo, M.; Altet Sanahujes, Josep; Mateo Peña, Diego; Silva-Martínez, José (IEEE Computer Society Publications, 2009-11)
      Open Access
      This poster shows how to efficiently observe high-frequency figures of merit in RF circuits by measuring DC temperature with CMOS-compatible built-in sensors.
    • Review of temperature sensors as monitors for RFMMW built-in testing and self-calibration schemes 

      Altet Sanahujes, Josep; Aldrete Vidrio, Héctor; Reverter Cubarsí, Ferran; Gómez Salinas, Dídac; Gonzalez Jimenez, J. L.; Onabajo, Marvin; Silva Martinez, Jose; Martineau, B.; Perpiñà Gilabet, Xavier; Abdallah, Louay; Stratigopoulos, Haralampos-G.; Aragonès Cervera, Xavier; Jordà, Xavier; Vellvehi, Miquel; Dilhaire, Stefan; Mir, Salvador; Mateo Peña, Diego (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2014)
      Conference report
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      This paper presents an overview of the work done so far related to the use of temperature sensors as performance monitors for RF and MMW circuits with the goal to implement built-in testing or self-calibration techniques. ...
    • Thermal coupling in ICs: aplications to the test and characterization of analogue and RF circuits 

      Altet Sanahujes, Josep; Mateo Peña, Diego; Aldrete Vidrio, Héctor (2010)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      In this presentation we cover how to use low frequency or DC temperature measurements to observe figures of merit of high frequency analogue circuits.