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  • A submillimeter wave parabolic reflector by additive manufacturing 

    Romeu Robert, Jordi; Aguasca Solé, Alberto; Blanch Boris, Sebastián; O'Callaghan Castellà, Juan Manuel; Jofre Roca, Lluís; Buitrago Ventura, Santiago (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2018)
    Conference report
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    The manufacturing of prototype of an offset parabolic reflector to operate at 120 GHz is presented. The paper describes the different metallization options to achieve a good performance.
  • Automotive radar and radome calibration to improve the direction of arrival detection performance 

    Buitrago Ventura, Santiago; Blanch Boris, Sebastián; Romeu Robert, Jordi (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2018)
    Conference report
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    An assessment of the improvement in the Direction of Arrival (DoA) measurements in automotive radar sensor by joint calibration of the radar sensor plus the radome is presented. Nowadays, radar sensors are calibrated before ...
  • Dielectric properties of colon polyps, cancer, and normal mucosa: Ex vivo measurements from 0.5 to 20 GHz 

    Guardiola, Marta; Buitrago Ventura, Santiago; Fernández-Esparrach, Glòria; O'Callaghan Castellà, Juan Manuel; Romeu Robert, Jordi; Cuatrecasas, Miriam; Córdoba, Henry; González Ballester, Miguel A.; Camara, Oscar (2018-06-15)
    Open Access
    Colorectal cancer is highly preventable by detecting and removing polyps, which are the precursors. 20 Currently, the most accurate test is colonoscopy, but still misses 22% of polyps due to visualization limitations. In ...
  • Estudi d'antenes seleccionables per a DAF WSN 

    Buitrago Ventura, Santiago (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2012-07-20)
    Bachelor thesis
    Open Access
    En un món on les xarxes WSN cada vegada s'utilitzen més, se'ns presenta una gran oportunitat d'utilitzar aquesta tecnologia en un aspecte, on encara no ha arrelat amb força: com és donar una resposta ràpida en catàstrofes ...
  • Microwave Brain Circular Tomographic Imaging System 

    Buitrago Ventura, Santiago (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2015-09)
    Master thesis
    Open Access
    Microwave imaging techniques for biomedical applications has increased the interest of researches because its characteristics of non-invasive and low health risk. In this master thesis, a microwave brain circular tomographic ...
  • Towards microwave system for real-time medical imaging 

    Guardiola Garcia, Marta; Buitrago Ventura, Santiago; Romeu Robert, Jordi; Jofre Roca, Lluís (2014)
    Conference report
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    Microwave tomography is proposed for medical diagnosis using Magnitude Combined tomographic algorithm. A proof-of-concept experimental system was build and an in-homogeneous breast phantom with a tumor embedded was ...