Perspectivas Urbanas / Urban Perspectives

Valletta (Malta), april 13th-15th, 2003

Organised by the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA), the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) and The International Network for Urban Development (INTA).

A conference entitled:

'Regeneration of Historic Urban Cores' is to be held in Malta from 13th - 15th April, 2003. The event is being jointly organised by the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA), the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) and INTA (The International Network for Urban Development).
The historic urban core is not only a striking feature of many towns and cities but also an asset for their economic and social renaissance. Urban regeneration in this context requires a proper understanding of various issues combined with creative approaches based on a mix of physical, economic, social, cultural and environmental initiatives, combined with holistic urban management. The purpose of this conference is to bring together the practical experiences of different towns and cities in capitalising on the opportunities provided by historic urban areas. The programme will address several key dimensions:

  1. Specific planning tools for regeneration in historic cores;
  2. The effectiveness of social and economic instruments, including sources of funding and the levering of finance, for regeneration;
  3. Management and legal instruments, particularly appro- priate institutional mechanisms including various forms of partnerships;
  4. The architectural and conservation factors, with an emphasis on the creation, or re-creation of liveable environments, on dealing with traffic and on sustainable conservation.
Urban planners, economists, tourism planners, sociologists, architects, conservationists, transport planners and local officials with direct interest in urban generation, will all actively contribute to the exchange of experiences and ideas.

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