• The Continuous Strength Method for the design of stainless steel members under combined loading 

    Arrayago Luquin, Itsaso; Real Saladrigas, Esther; Gardner, Leroy; Mirambell Arrizabalaga, Enrique (2021)
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    The Continuous Strength Method (CSM) provides accurate cross-section resistance predictions since allowance is made for the partial spread of plasticity and the beneficial effects of strain hardening. Although CSM design ...
  • Object detection in 3D Point Clouds using Convolutional Neural Networks 

    Ubach Granados, Carles (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2021-06-21)
    Projecte Final de Màster Oficial
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    The use of learning-based techniques in the autonomous driving field has grown exponentially in the last years. In particular, great focus has been given to object detection. In this work, we study the current state ...
  • Statistical data for system-based reliability analysis of stainless steel structures with hollow sections 

    Arrayago Luquin, Itsaso; Rasmussen, Kim J.R.; Real Saladrigas, Esther (2021)
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    Current codes for steel structures, including AISC 360-10, AS4100 and Eurocode 3, are in the process of evolving from the current member-based design method to direct system-based approaches that allow evaluating the ...
  • Experimental and numerical modeling of a sloshing problem in a stepped based rectangular tank 

    Gandara Imilqueo, Tomás; Castillo del Barrio, Ernesto; Cruchaga, Marcela A.; Baiges Aznar, Joan (2021-03)
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    In this study, the two-dimensional sloshing of water in a stepped based tank partially filled was analyzed using an arbitrary Lagrangian–Eulerian adaptive fixed-mesh method and including the Smagorinsky turbulence model. ...
  • Propuesta, proceso e impacto de una instalación de placas solares fotovoltaicas a un cliente residencial 

    Escosa Rodríguez, Álvaro (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2021-06-21)
    Trabajo final de grado
    Acceso restringido por decisión del autor
    En este trabajo se expone el conjunto de operaciones y procesos que se deben llevar a cabo des del punto de vista empresarial para poder llegar a instalar placas solares en una vivienda residencial, con el fin de consumir ...

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