• Nonlinear imaging and THz diagnostic tools in the service of cultural heritage 

    Filippidis, George; Massaouti, M.; Selimis, A.; Tzortzakis, S.; Manceau, J. M.; Gualda Manzano, Emilio José (2012-02)
    Restricted access - publisher's policy
    We present the use of novel nonlinear imaging, terahertz time-domain spectroscopy and imaging as powerful diagnostic tools for studies of works of art. It is shown that nonlinear imaging offers precise in-depth information, while ...
  • OpenSpinMicroscopy: an open-source integrated microscopy platform 

    Gualda Manzano, Emilio José; Feijó Muñoz, Jesús; Martins, Gabriel G.; Almada, Pedro (2013-07)
    Restricted access - publisher's policy
    Light-sheet microscopy has recently emerged as the technique of choice for fast, high-resolution three-dimensional (3D) imaging of whole organisms, one that also features low photodamage1,2. Unlike confocal or multiphoton ...
  • Structural characterization of protein–protein interactions with pyDockSAXS 

    Jiménez-García, Brian; Bernadó, Pau; Fernández-Recio, Juan (Humana Press, 2020)
    Part of book or chapter of book
    Restricted access - publisher's policy
    Structural characterization of protein–protein interactions can provide essential details to understand biological functions at the molecular level and to facilitate their manipulation for biotechnological and biomedical ...
  • Predicting the severity of road traffic accidents in the city of Barcelona 

    Reverter Lopez, Enric (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2021-05-14)
    Bachelor thesis
    Open Access
    The study of road traffic accidents and the adoption of measures to reduce them is one of the most important targets of the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. In one of the major cities in EU, Barcelona, 205 people ...
  • Diseño del proceso de fabricación de una matriz progresiva 

    Cardús Andreu, Àngels (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2021-05-14)
    Master thesis
    Open Access
    El presente trabajo es una segunda parte del trabajo Estudio y diseño de una matriz progresiva para la estampación de una pieza de chapa metálica presentado en Setiembre 2020 por el alumno Pere Raventós del Màster Universitari ...

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