• Finding the most sustainable wind farm sites with a hierarchical outranking decision aiding method 

    Afsordegan, Arayeh; Del Vasto, Luis; Valls Mateu, Aïda; Agell, Nuria; Sánchez Soler, Monica (2022-05-02)
    Restricted access - publisher's policy
    This paper considers the problem of finding suitable sites for wind farms in a region of Catalonia (Spain). The evaluation criteria are structured into a hierarchy that identifies several intermediate sub-goals dealing ...
  • Aging determination of series-connected lithium-ion cells independent of module design 

    Hein, Thiemo Harald; Andreas, Ziegler; Oeser, David; Montesinos Miracle, Daniel; Ackva, Ansgar (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), 2023-03-17)
    Open Access
    In this work, a battery consisting of eight commercial NMC/graphite cells connected in series was cycled to 60% of its initial capacity. During the test, special care was taken to ensure that the results were not influenced ...
  • Nanomaterials and coatings for managing antibiotic-resistant biofilms 

    Ferreres Cabanes, Guillem; Ivanova, Kristina Dimitrova; Ivanov, Ivan; Tzanov, Tzanko (2023-02-02)
    Open Access
    Biofilms are a global health concern responsible for 65 to 80% of the total number of acute and persistent nosocomial infections, which lead to prolonged hospitalization and a huge economic burden to the healthcare systems. ...
  • The aerolayer: airborne filtration by aerodynamic focusing and growth 

    Luque Barcons, Jordi; Heras Jiménez, Salvador Augusto de las; Arias Montenegro, Francisco Javier (Springer, 2023-03-29)
    Restricted access - publisher's policy
    In this work, a novel approach for airborne filtration with particular reference to medical (non-oil) medical mask is discussed. Here, and contrariwise to current approaches, filtration is attained neither by reducing the ...
  • Examen Final 

    Unknown author (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2022-06-09)
    Restricted access to the UPC academic community

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