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3rd International Barcelona Conference on Higher Education (2006)

The 3rd International Barcelona Conference on Higher Education was held at the Technical University of Catalonia in November 2006. The central theme of the conference was the role and processes of accreditation as a way of conserving, guaranteeing and even improving the quality of teaching in universities. The title of the conference, "Accreditation for quality assurance: what is at stake?", accurately reflects this theme and hints at the ramifications of a debate that is becoming increasingly urgent and relevant. In the common debate on accreditation processes throughout the world, it was made clear that, in addition to adopting a technical approach to accreditation, one must tackle the problems from a plural, diverse and global perspective, as the consequences will largely define the future of universities.

Some of the main speakers of the conference were interviewed by GUNI during their stay in Barcelona. Those interviews have been edited and progressively published at the GUNI website and through its Higher Education Newsletter.

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