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Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management

2010, vol. 3, núm. 2 : [11]

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Vista preliminarData de publicacióTítolAutor(s)
oct-2010Special Issue: International Conference on ‘Management of Technologies - Step to Sustainable Production’, MOTSP2010, Rovinj, 2010Cosic, Predrag
oct-2010Do we need a new compass for the journey through the global crisis?Janeš, Alexander; Dolinšek, Slavko
oct-2010Internationalization of R&D in two high-tech clusters and cooperation of R&D units in those clustersŠtrukelj, Peter; Dolinšek, Slavko
oct-2010Product Lifecycle Management: sustainability and knowledge management as keys in a complex system of product developmentTrotta, Maria Giovana
oct-2010Product lifecycle management through innovative and competitive business environmentGecevska, Valentina; Chiabert, Paolo; Anisic, Zoran; Lombardi, Franco; Cus, Franc
oct-2010Some aspects regarding the concept “Research for Business”Săvescu, Dan
oct-2010Greening elements in the distribution networksOpetuk, Tihomir; Zolo, Ivan; Dukic, Goran
oct-2010Automatic inspection system for dimensional measurements of the saw blade milling cutterWang, Yung-Cheng; Lin, Jui-Chang; Chiu, Shih-Fong
oct-2010Comparison of different optimization and process control proceduresReibenschuh, Marko; Cus, Franc; Zuperl, Uros
oct-2010Effect of data scaling on color device model fittingDonevski, Davor; Milcic, Diana; Banic, Dubravko
oct-2010Choosing optimal rapid manufacturing process for thin-walled products using expert algorithmGórski, Filip; Kuczko, Wiesław; Wichniarek, Radoslaw; Dudziak, Adam; Kowalski, Maciej; Zawadzki, Przemysław


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