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Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management

2009, vol. 2, núm. 3 : [9]

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Vista preliminarData de publicacióTítolAutor(s)
des-2009Optimal priority ordering in PHP production of multiple part-types in a failure-prone machineSánchez Granados, Ana María; Corominas Subias, Albert; Pastor, Rafael
des-2009Comparison of heuristics for an economic lot scheduling problem with deliberated coproductionVidal-Carreras, Pilar I.; García Sabater, José Pedro
des-2009Univariate and multivariate control charts for monitoring dynamic-behavior processes: a case studyHaridy, Salah; Wu, Zhang
des-2009Basic principle for the solution of the building evacuation problemCasadesús Pursals, Salvador; Garriga Garzón, Federico
des-2009Impact of Six Sigma in a developing economy: analysis on benefits drawn by Indian industriesDesai, Darshak A.; Patel, Mulchand B.
des-2009How to diagnose equal opportunities between women and men in organizationsLusa García, Amaia; Martínez Costa, Carme; Calvet Puig, Maria Dolors; Pons, Olga; Tura Solvas, Marta
des-2009Determination of risk identification process employed by NHS for a PFI hospital project in the UKGhazali, F. E. Mohamed; Kabir, Shahid
des-2009Bibliometric study of the reverse salient conceptDedehayir, Ozgur
des-2009Mentoring program and its impact on individuals’ advancement in the Malaysian contextIsmail, Azman; Abdullah, Muhammad Madi Bin; Francis, Sebastian K.


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