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Structural topology

1982, núm 6 : [13]

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Vista preliminarData de publicacióTítolAutor(s)
1982Note to our readers-
1982The Wandering Vertex MethodBurt, Michael
1982Structures on Hyper-StructuresLalvani, Haresh
1982TranspolyhedraCrapo, Henry
1982Survey of research work on structuresMinke, Gernot
1982The use of polyhedra for Building StructuresHuybers, Pieter
1982Statics of Frameworks and Motions of Panel Structures: A projective Geometric IntroductionCrapo, Henry; Whiteley, Walter
1982Convex Polyhedra with regular FacesGagnon, Silvain
1982Notes for Contributors-
1982Articles en preparation for future issues-


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