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2004, Vol. 28, Núm. 2 : [9]

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Vista preliminarData de publicacióTítolAutor(s)
2004A comparative study of small area estimatorsMolina, Isabel; Santamaría Arana, Laureano; Morales González, Domingo
2004Some discrete exponential dispersion models: Poisson-Tweedie and Hinde-Demétrio classesKokonendji, Célestin C.; Dossou-Gbété, Simplice; Demétrio, Clarice G. B.
2004Estimation of the noncentrality matrix of a noncentral Wishart distribution with unit scale matrix. A matrix generalitzation of Lenng's domination resultNeudecker, Heinz
2004Extremes of periodic moving averages of random variables with regularly varying tail probabilitiesMartins, Ana Paula; Ferreira, Helena
2004Robust estimation and forecasting for beta-mixed hierarchical models of grouped binary dataPashkevich, Maxim A.; Kharin, Yurij S.
2004On invariant density estimation for ergodic diffusion processesKutoyants, Yu. A.
2004Asymptotically optimal filtering in linear systems with fractional Brownian noisesLe Breton, Alain; Kleptsyna, Marina L.; Viot, Michel
2004Book review: Dale, Andrew I. "Most honourable remembrance. The life and the work of Thomas Bayes". New York: Springer-Verlag, 2003, 668 pp. with 29 illustrationsPuig, Pere
2004Book review: Robert, C. P.; Casella, G. "Monte Carlo statistical methods" (2nd. ed.). New York: Springer, 2004, 645 pp + XXX, 132 illustrations, hardcover. Price: EUR 89.95Moreno Fernández, Mario Victor; Iniesta, Raquel


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