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2004, Vol. XI, Núm. 2-3 : [12]

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Part B: Special issue. Fuzzy systems: from modelling to knowledge extraction
Vista preliminarData de publicacióTítolAutor(s)
2004Data mining techniques using decision tree model in materialised projection and selection viewTeh, Y. W.
2004A model for opinion agreement and confidence in multi-expert multi-criteria decision makingCanfora, Gerardo; Troiano, Luigi
2004Parametric families of fuzzy consequence operatorsElorza, Jorge; Burillo López, Pedro
2004Knwoledge revision in Markov networksGebhardt, Jörg; Bogerlt, Christian; Kruse, Rudolf; Detmer, Heinz
2004An evolutionary approach to constraint-regularized learningHüllermeier, Eyke; Renners, Ingo; Grauel, Adolf
2004Fuzzy clustering: insights and a new approachKlawonn, Frank
2004Learning fuzzy systems: an ojective function-approachHöppner, Frank; Klawonn, Frank
2004Improving surface detection for quality assessment of car body panelsDöring, Christian; Eichhorn, Andreas; Girimonte, Daniela; Kruse, Rudolf
2004A cost-sensitive learning algorithm for fuzzy rule-based classifiersBeck, Sebastian; Mikut, Ralf; Jäkel, Jens
2004A neuro-fuzzy system for sequence alignment on two levelsWeyde, Tilman; Dalinghaus, Klaus
2004Distributed fuzzy decision making for production schedullingRunkler, Thomas A.; Sollacher, Rudolf; Reverey, Wendelin
2004Editorial [Workshop "Fuzzy systems: from modelling to knowledge extraction", held at the German Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Hamburg, 2003]Klawonn, Frank; Kruse, Rudolf; Mikut, Ralf; Runkler, Thomas A.


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