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Structural topology

A journal of the Structural Topology Research Group at the University of Montreal

Welcome. This web hosts a free-access, electronic version of Structural Topology, a journal of the Structural Topology Research Group at the University of Montreal. For a number of years, the group was an interest group of the Association Mathématique du Québec (AMQ), and the journal ran out of the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) with the support of the Quebec Government under an FCAR Grant. The journal ceased publication in 1997. This page gives access to the permanent repository containing all of its articles, digitally scanned and converted to searchable Portable Document Format (PDF) files. An appropriate viewer for them is Adobe Reader. It can be freely downloaded from Adobe's website.

The Structural Topology group was formed under the joint sponsorship of the Centre de Recherche en Mathématiques Appliqués and the Faculté de l'Aménagement (School of Architecture). It gathered an interdisciplinary team of architects, engineers and mathematicians whose interest was to apply classical and contemporary mathematical tools to the solution of morphological and structural problems in architecture and structural engineering. The main subdivisions of this research area are polyhedra, space-filling, and static/infinitesimal rigidity of structures.

Dades editorials:

Editor: Groupe de Recherche "Topologie Structurale". Université du Quebéc à Montréal. Association Mathématique du Quebéc.

Comité de diretion: Janos Baracs, Walter Whiteley, Henry Crapo, Richard Pallascio, Vincent Papillon

Comité consultatif: Laszlo Fejes-Tóth, Branko Grünbaum, Lionel March, Cedric Marsh, Gert Sabidussi, Moshe Safdie, Geoffrey Shephard.

Redaction: Janos Baracs, Henry Crapo, Haresh Lalvani, Richard Pallascio, Jean-Luc Raymond, Walter Whiteley.

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