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2002, Vol. IX, Núm. 2-3 : [9]

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Part B: Special issue on Ant Colony Optimization: models & applications.
Vista preliminarData de publicacióTítolAutor(s)
2002On the possbilities of fuzzification of the solution in fuzzy cooperative gamesMareš, Milan
2002Two approaches to fuzzification of payments in NTU coalitional gameMareš, Milan
2002A review on the ant colony optimization metaheuristic: basis, models and new trendsCordón García, Oscar; Herrera Triguero, Francisco; Stützle, Thomas
2002Analysis of the best-worst ant system and its variants on the TSPCordón García, Oscar; Fernández de Viana, Iñaki; Herrera Triguero, Francisco
2002Experiments writh variants of ant algorithmsStützle, Thomas; Linke, Sebastian
2002Adaptive search heuristics for the generalized assignment problemRamalhinho Lourenço, Helena; Serra, Daniel
2002An approach based on the use of the ant system to design combinatorial logic circuitsMendoza García, Benito; Coello Coello, Carlos
2002Learning bayesian networks by ant colony optimisation: searching in two different spacesCampos, Luís Miguel de; Gámez Martín, José Antonio; Puerta Castellón, José Miguel
2002Ant colony optimization: models and applications [Guest editorial]Cordón García, Oscar; Herrera Triguero, Francisco; Stützle, Thomas


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